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My Hope

My Testimony…

That’s me at barely 17 up there.  Before life had even begun, really. Or so it seems now.  I’m so thankful for the upbringing I had and the legacy of faith my parents laid the ground work for in my life.

A very large part of who I am involves my faith and my desire to live my life for my Savior.

I am a Christ follower.  I believe that God the Father gave His precious Son for my sin… and yours.

I grew up in a good Christian home, daughter to a Christian School Teacher. I made a “profession of faith” when I was only four but really began to doubt the decision was “real” at age 9.  I remembered so very little about it.

My church had begun showing the BJU Press Films every Saturday night, and I really began to be convicted at the reality shown on the screen that I was not genuinely saved.

Amazingly, even at age 9, my pride was still so great that it kept me from getting things settled. During the intermission of Sheffey, I escaped to an empty hallway and cried and prayed and told myself very sternly that I WAS saved and everything was okay! After the movie that night, our family went out for ice cream, but I was very quiet. So much so, that my mom even asked if I was feeling sick.When we finally got home, I told my parents that I needed to talk, and we all went into their bedroom. I told them all about my doubts and conviction I was under. Thankfully, they didn’t try to convince me that I was fine. Instead, they suggested I just go ahead and make sure that very night. At the age of 9, my prideful heart surrendered to God and gave my life to Him.
When I was 12 years old, my family moved  from Florida to North Carolina. My mom began a new position as teacher/principal of a brand new school. The Lord really used those years of Junior High and High School to get me to the place where I was living my life more focused on Him and on His will for me. I made the decision to go to a small Bible College where the Lord continued to work in my life and draw me closer to Him.  I have to admit that I was a “questioner” and loved a good debate, though it wasn’t really considered to be all that “lady-like.”
I graduated college with my degree in Elementary Education very much single and wondering if singleness was to be my lot in life. It felt overwhelmingly as if every congratulatory handshake shrouded  feelings of pity that  I hadn’t snagged a man.Regardless of that I was excited to be moving out to begin my first year of teaching sharing a cute house with a fellow teacher.Somewhere along the way that summer things with my hubby started developing, and we began dating in August of that momentous first year out of college.  We decided to take the fast route and were engaged just two months later and married another five months after that during Spring Break!

We’ve been married 12 years now and have added three crazy kids to the mix.  Looking back I remember my feelings in those worry-some days right after college, and I feel so blessed.

Our Church is an important part of our family life.  We’ve chosen to worship at a place of fellow believers with the same desire of our hearts… to serve God and to raise our children to love and serve Him as well.

In the years after graduating college and getting married, the Lord really made the truth that He loves me so abundantly clear, and it is amazing what really grasping that fact can do for you. No matter who comes or goes or whatever is unsure in your life, that fact will never change, and it makes everything better.
I hope to immerse my own children in that very truth… that Jesus loves them.
He loves them, and me…and you.

John 3:16…  For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have EVERLASTING life!