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Updated… Uptown Girl

What could be better than a two month “vacation” over Thanksgiving and Christmas, right?

See Part 1 and Part 2 here.

While the long vacation was nice, it unfortunately couldn’t last forever, wah!

You know the saying, “It’s not WHAT you know. It’s WHO you know?”

That once again proved true for me when someone I worked with briefly during the outage was able to get me an interview working with her group in the uptown General Office.


I was nervous driving into uptown for the interview and navigating my way around. I ended up super early and waited in the parking garage. When I got to the building, the security guard told me I was not in the right place. This was after he accidentally threw my license in the trash and insisted he had given it back to me.

I ventured to location #2 late to my interview, but better late than never.

It wasn’t long until I got the call that I got the job. Best of all… NO MORE NIGHT SHIFTS!

It has its own set of challenges, but I enjoy the flexibility of the work.  It is more of a hectic pace, with the stress of quota requirements, and I stay busy, busy, busy all day, every day.

The good news is I get to work my 40 hours in 4 days… Monday to Thursday… so I’m off Fridays, woohoo!

The bad news is my mornings are earrrrrrrrrly, and I “get” to pay to park every day, ugh.  :)

The same day I started my new job, Haylee went back at Northside, and we are so happy she was able to go back.

Haylees first day of 6th grade at Northside

I love her group of friends and am so thankful that she has such a great group in her corner.


Davis couldn’t go back to Heather’s because they actually moved to DC for a year long assignment. :(  We had planned to put him in a daycare close to our house, but there was a snafu with the paperwork and there was suddenly no room! I put a plea out on facebook and am so happy that God worked all that out.

My cousin Sherri offered to watch him for us! Davis is not much a school lover, and he is happier with a more relaxed home setting. It made it so much easier on me having to leave him, knowing he was with someone I trusted.

Davis at Sherri's 2-5-15

{swiped this one from Sherri… you can see the red power ranger on his masterpiece.}

Chris is as always Super Husband and Super Dad somehow holding things together. Since I am leaving the house before 5:30 am, he is left to manage getting all three up and dressed and fed and out the door. Not an easy feat.

And another thing… he doesn’t have to leave the house until much later, but he gets up around 5:10 am to fix my coffee and smoothie for me.

Yes, he does.

Believe it or not. Isn’t that crazy?


Renee and Chris 12-27-14

{Speaking of my stud… this Friday we are celebrating the big 16! I thought only old people could be pushing 20 years married? How did I blink, and 16 years pass by?}


It was two years ago around March that I made this scary choice. This gulp and scary step into the unknown.

Looking around after things settled, its is amazing that I now have space. Mental space. It is shocking and astounding to my former maxed out teacher self to come home after work and feel like reading a book. A book about spiritual growth or being a better mama. As a Teacher/Mama I often {and I mean OFTEN} had what felt like NOTHING left to give at the end of the day.

I actually set a goal for 2015 to read 1-2 books a month, and I somehow actually did it! I ended the year having finished 36 non-fiction books! {Click here to get the scoop on what I’ve read.} That would have never in a zillion years have been possible as a teacher mama. N-e-v-e-r.

Teaching is an amazing profession, but I couldn’t keep up with the lethal pace anymore. I didn’t want that to be my life for the next 14 years.

I don’t know what the next few years or even the next few months hold for me and my tribe. I am open to what God might have in store {working part time sounds pretty nice to me} and hope to be ready for the challenge.


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