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Multiplication Memory Chart {Printable}

Multiplication Free Printable

We are BACK TO SCHOOL again today withanother Printable!  :)  This one is great not only for classroom teachers, but also for homeschool mamas… as well as for any cool mom or dad that wants to help their kiddo with those pesky math facts.

As an upper elementary teacher, I’m not the one who teaches the initial skill of multiplication, but I am the one that struggles to teach the harder math problems to kids… some of which just don’t know their multiplication facts.

Once you hit 4th grade and up, you have to rely on those basic facts to do those higher order problems, and there is nothing worse {okay, I’m sure there is SOMETHING worse} than mastering the higher order skill, but getting tripped up by the simple multiplication fact .

Multiplication facts should be as familiar as your abc’s.  You shouldn’t have to think twice about an answer… because you know them THAT WELL.

And yes, I’m talking about upper elementary cherubs here.

I do think that they should definitely be taught the multiplication CONCEPT first, but it seems foolish to throw out the benefits of memorizing the times tables simply because teaching the concept of WHY 6×9 = 54 is more important.

I looked around the world wide web for a multiplication chart freebie and decided to just go ahead and make one of my own that would be exactly WHAT I wanted… and HOW I wanted it.

multiplication memory chart

It is two sided with the 1-6 Families on the front and 7-12 families on the back.

Here’s the plan that I hope to be able to accomplish…

Each student gets their own copy and starts working on memorizing the first fact family or table.  When they can say it to their parents in 30 seconds or less, the parents initial under that table.

multiplication memory chart

At a designated time during the day, each student with a table initialed will bring it to me and recite it again in 30 seconds or less.  Then I initial, and he/she moves onto the next table… all the way up to the Twelve Family.

This will be an ongoing process, and everyone will work at their own pace until we all hopefully work through them before the end of the year. To give some extra motivation, students will receive an iGram for each table they complete!

multiplication memory chart

I’ve tried this method halfheartedly before and failed at the execution level, since there just never seems to be enough hours in the day.  My local teaching expert, aka Mom, the originator of this fab method,  said she only gave each student ONE chance per day, so it doesn’t take over your whole math period.

I’m sure my students will love these tips for memorizing

For those hard 9’s…

{via Come Together Kids}

And this new trick I had never heard of for 6×6 to 10×10

But honestly, tricks are not the best solution when it comes to doing the harder math.  You don’t want your student to be attempting 4 digit long division for the first time when they are dependent on tricks.

You want them to know them, know them, KNOW THEM!  :)

You can download your own copy here...

Multiplication Free Printable



I am on a mad planning frenzy for the upcoming year, so stay tuned for more Back to School Freebies coming up!  I had some fun paper lanterns on my classroom wishlist for AWHILE, so I was SO happy when I spotted these 12 inch lanterns in the Target Summer Clearance a few days ago for only $2.45!


I {ahem, er, Chris} plan to hang these in a corner or two!  Can’t wait to see how it brightens up the room!

multiplication memory chart

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26 Responses to Multiplication Memory Chart {Printable}
  1. Nita
    July 11, 2012 | 9:05 am

    I still remember fondly all those years ago memorizing my multiplication tables.

  2. Amy
    July 11, 2012 | 9:16 am

    This is how Mrs. Phillips taught Zoe in the second grade. It was great because they were all at their own pace, yet motivated to keep up with each other. I’m going to print them out for Abram’s review work. Can’t believe our kids are in 4th grade!!!! Thanks, Renee!

    • Renee
      July 11, 2012 | 11:35 am

      Love Mrs. Phillips! She is awesome. Wish she would start a blog and share all her ideas! :)
      I know! 4th grade is just ridiculously old!

  3. MaryEllen
    July 11, 2012 | 9:30 am

    Renee – Doesn’t it seem like we got a more thorough reading and math base than kids get today? I seem to remember drilling phonics and math tables for hours – remember the frogs sitting on the log song? However, my daughter has inherited my “I can’t do math” gene. This is the ONLY time I have missed private school. I’ll be printing this and making flash cards this year! :) Thank you!

    • Renee
      July 11, 2012 | 11:44 am

      In a way, I think you’re right! We lost some of the focus on rote memory because of the newer {and good} emphasis on teaching concepts as opposed to memory w/o understanding.

      But I think there are some things that need to be rote memory {after the concept is taught]!

      Hope it helps her!! :)

  4. Rachel
    July 11, 2012 | 10:31 pm

    Hooray hooray hooray! I was just dreading have to make up the multiplication chart for my kids. Thanks for doing the work and making it look so fun!

    What age group do you use this with?

    • Renee
      July 12, 2012 | 6:31 am

      Oh cool! It’s kind of funny because it did take awhile to make since I didn’t like how it looked without spaces between all the numbers. 2×3=6. So I had to do 2 space times space 3 space equals space 6! I have a knack for making the easiest thing much more complicated. :)

      I’ll be using it for 4th, but I’m pretty sure Mom used it for 3rd. I think a lot of curriculums introduce the tables around the end of 2nd maybe, so third is when they really learn them.

  5. Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker
    July 12, 2012 | 12:44 am

    great printable, Renee! You must be an awesome teacher! :) But of course, look who your mom is! ;)

    So we totally should have asked for some of those paper lanterns from Haven – LOL! :) But glad you found some at Target :) Might have to check mine as I am looking for some to add to my wedding shower stash.

    • Renee
      July 12, 2012 | 6:34 am

      Ah, I had forgotten about those! They were AWESOME!! So big, and free would have been even better! I didn’t have any at all, so I was super excited to see these. I saw three alone and grabbed them up fast… then saw a ton more on an endcap! I ended up getting 6… 2 red, 2 aqua, and 2 lime green. :) Can’t wait to get them hung… think it will look so good!

  6. MaryEllen
    July 12, 2012 | 12:01 pm

    Okay, I’m downloading this. I just hope I remember that I have it when my kids are old enough to need it. I remember repeating those in class every single day. Horrible at the time, but it worked! I can still hear that sing-songy voice saying “9 times 4 equals 36; 9 times 5 equals 45…”

  7. Mom of A and a
    July 13, 2012 | 3:20 pm

    Hi, coming here via the Serenity Now bloghop. This is so useful…thanks for sharing!

  8. Antonia
    July 16, 2012 | 10:12 pm

    Thanks for sharing these great freebies, I just might have to use these as part of my homework routine this year. Also, great Target clearance finds I’m sure your classroom will turn out picture perfect. :)

  9. Anisa
    July 20, 2012 | 6:17 am

    I love the idea of parents helping and them having to repeat back to you. Plus it looks adorable :) Thanks for the freebie!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  10. Tara
    July 20, 2012 | 9:54 am

    Your multiplication chart is great and it is so sweet of you to share it for free! I have that same frustration…my kids don’t know/forget their math facts and EVERYTHING does build on that!!! Thanks for sharing and linking up:)

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  13. Robin
    November 7, 2012 | 8:49 pm

    Love your Mult.table! It’s the only one my 4th grader wants to use:) Only problem we can’t seem to find the 7-12’s . we could only get the 1-6 off your website. If you have a suggestion or is it located on another spot please? Love your website!

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  19. Michele
    August 31, 2014 | 9:45 pm

    Hi, Renee. I printed off your Multiplication Families form for my 5th graders. Many of my students are eagerly “testing” with me each day. It is a wonderful incentive and tool to encourage memorization of the multiplication tables. When I print the document, there is very little space between the ones in the number 11. Do you have an editable version that I could insert an extra space? Right now, the elevens look like ones. Just thought I would inquire. Thanks.

  20. Brenda
    December 17, 2014 | 11:22 pm

    Any chance this could be made editable. Or, even better, add one for addition, another for subtractions, and yet another for division? Please?!?!

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  22. […] kids are enjoying the practice, and seeing the multiplications in different ways.  Seeing them in charts, in the video, drawing them, putting and moving pebbles, writing flash cards, using different color […]