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Davis is Double Digits, Baby!

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The Davis Man is a Mind Boggling T-E-N MONTHS OLD today!  I just can’t believe it.  It is so incredible how much a little baby learns SOOO DANG FAST!

This month he is getting around town crawling at lightning speeds and cruising on the furniture now.  :) 

He has also started testing the waters of independence by standing all by himself!

He loves the walker at Nana’s and likes our stand up walker too.  He pretty much falls every time, because he starts out ninety gajillion miles an hour and then wham and plop, he’s down!

walker collage

He even has moved on from the independent standing too… My wittle baby is just growing up too fast!  I was absolutely speechless on Wednesday.  He blew my mind.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

My baby took his first steps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just two days before he turned ten months!


IMG_2726 2

He was pulled up on the couch in front of me, and I did a double take when it looked like he had taken a step, but I thought, Nah…

Then, just a few minutes later he FOR REALS took an itty, bitty step… all by himself! I really can’t believe he is starting this sooo early!  {Should I bring up the fact that Wade was still army crawling at 10 months??}

He took more steps for us throughout the day and even “performed” his trick when Daddy got home.   He is the third child, so no pics or video of the big event, but I hope to try to get it on video soon.   :)

He is still going gangbusters with the table food which I am a-hoping will linger AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!  {Please, could I get ONE non-picky eater?}

One big accomplishment this month was drinking out of a sippy cup!  So far we are just sticking with those cheapo “supposedly” spill proof take and toss cups since you don’t have to suck the life out of it like you do the other nicer cups.  :)  The downside is how easily the silly thing does leak in the diaper bag. 

At his last check up, the doctor showed me he had a few teeth coming in on top. Up to this point, he’s only had his cute two little toofers on bottom, though you would never know it the way he gums his food to death!

IMG_2734 2

When I mentioned to the ped, that he had pretty much skipped the pureed food stage and was mostly doing table food, she looked over at my older two waiting remarkably quietly, albeit stuffing their faces with animal crackers, laughed and said, “Yep. That’s what happens with your third.” 

He is clapping a lot more now too and usually in conjunction with us singsonging, “YAY!”  The other day at mom’s the whole bunch of us erupted in applause for Wade’s Wii bowling strikes. Davis simply didn’t know what to do with all the clapping hooplah!  He got so excited and would clap like mad.  He kept looking over to Mom and Jen too waiting for the next round of applause to start!

I discovered by accident too that he somehow associates the words “Good job” with clapping.  I find it quite entertaining to say, “Good Job, Davis!” and then watch him grin and start the clapping.  :)

He is getting better too with his teeny cute wave ‘bye-bye’ which is always a fun stage.  :)

As of the 15th of this month, he weighed in at 19lbs 12oz! He is around the 50th percentile for height & weight. I though he only was a few more ounces away from outgrowing his infant car seat, but realized this one goes up to 22lbs.  Glad we have a bit longer before we’re forced to make the switcheroo.

Chris is already trying to convince me Wade is ready for the booster seat, so we can just do the car seat shuffle instead of actually purchasing another big boy car seat for Davis.

Haylee didn’t even move out of the 5 point harness seat until she was 5… almost 6, and that was only because Wade was ready to move in… so I can’t imagine moving Wade up so soon.

CIMG3864 2

Apparently, Haylee overheard that convo, because later she “vented” to Grandma how we were thinking of letting Wade use a booster when he wasn’t even four, and she had to wait until she was almost six, ha ha! Oh the injustices of being the older kid!

We know that Chris won the “When does my car seat expire?” argument, but I don’t think I can cave on this one! I don’t think I can handle putting him in a booster until he’s at LEAST four, but if we’re already gonna have to buy another seat then he might as well stay in the safer seat as long as possible, don’tcha think?

This month also marks a sad, sad, event.  The end of an ERA, I tell you.  The l-a-s-t lonely big piece of baby paraphernalia made it’s way back to the dark and dusty recesses of its attic home.  The Saucer was a gift from Aunt B when my grown up 8 year old Haylee was just a few months old!  Now it has pacified and entertained all THREE of my kids {plus our neighbor, Emerald!}.  It has done its job well, and had beat all previous baby gear cuts.  Davis tolerated it the BEST though still it was only for veeeeery short bursts.  The sad day finally came when its benefits did NOT outweigh the HUGE amount of Living Room real estate it was hogging.  So up to the attic it went.

saucer collage

Seriously.  I had a moment watching Chris lift it up and away out of sight.  Not to be philosophical over a plastic toy, but it really did feel like a sign that our baby days were over.  Really, really over this time! 

These ten months have gone by so very fast.  I can’t believe my baby could really be this close to ONE!

He really melts our hearts.  I can’t GET ENOUGH of that boy’s SMILES!


IMG_1384 2





My three crazies…. Don’t know WHAT Wade is doing, except trying to drive his momma batty by NOT smiling!  ARGHH! That silly boy!



Sorry, buddy!  You are stuck with us! 


Can’t believe we’ve had you for TEN MONTHS



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One Response to Davis is Double Digits, Baby!
  1. Kathy C.
    July 22, 2011 | 3:22 pm

    So cute!!! Happy 10 month lil guy!!